O B R I G A D A - The last 24 hours in Brazil

Hi friends. The last couple of days have been emotional to say the least and now I am almost home after 1,5 day of traveling. Ribeirao Preto - Sao Paulo - Paris - Stockholm for the night, and now on the ferry to Åland. Anyways. I wanted to show you what my last two days looked like. So much love, I'm still a little shaken and don't really know how to express myself, but here we go.
On Tuesday evening I invited a bunch of people to join me at a foodtruck for little goodbye dinner. Surprisingly many people showed up, so much love <3 
From the left: Guilherme, Bruna, moi, Alicia, Thomas, Deus, Felipe, Fantoni, Moura, Dias, Julia and Mimi Princesa. 
Can't express my gratitude enough for the people I've met here. 
And at last, the D day came, no just kidding, but Wednesday arrived, my day to return home. Spent it the best way with a last visit to my beloved academia (gym) in the morning and then lunch with the closest group. Aaahhh. We had the best sushi. From the left: Alicia, Guilherme, moi, Fabio, Rafaela and Marcelo. 
In the evening before heading to the airport I had to do something I had been avoiding: saying goodbye. First up: the volleyball girls. Here with Mimi and Bruna. They had prepared the nicest book for me where almost everyone from the team had written something to me. Emoji with crying eyes. I had told myself not to cry when saying goodbye but this was just too much to handle. How loved can a person feel? Thank you girls, your gift means the world to me. <3
And then the second goodbye: with my favorites Lucas and Paula from the exchange office. I can't express enough how thankful I am for these two. Months before I arrived to Brazil we were in contact via mail and they were always super nice and responded super fast. From day one that I arrived they took care of me so well and did so much more than their job entails. Thank you thank you thank you.  
And then the evening came... goodbye part three: the airport. Alicia and her mom took me and then my best also showed up. here with Alicia and Rafaela, my two closest girlfriends. 
Rafaela, or minha filha (my daughter) as I like to call her. I have rarely met a person so genuinly filled with joy, she spreads sunshine everywhere she goes and has nothing but a pure heart. Thank you filha for all the amazing adventures we had together and SEE YOU SOON <3
And her with Alicia, my first friend here. <3 The day when I arrived I met Alicia in the university after a looong trip and I just remember her with the biggest smile on her face, waving at me and telling me that she spoke English and that we could be friends. Aahhh. Little did I know then how close we would become. Such an ambitious, smart and wonderful person. Can't wait to see you in France in the fall my love!
And to wrap it all up: with the main crew (with some people missing). Alicia, Rafaela, Marcelo, Couto, Makul and Fabio. Can't believe they all came to the airport to support, so CUTE. Even Fabio who had missed the time I was leaving and drove 160 km/h to make it when he found out I was leaving in 45 minutes... haha thank god he made it. 
These are the people that I travelled the most with during this last month and that I have some of my most beautiful memories with. Always happy, energetic and ready for the next adventure, they are the ones I will miss so so much. Guys, thank you for showing me fantastic hidden parts of your beautiful country. Thank you for being so warm and welcoming and for taking me under your wings. This experience wouldn't have been nearly this memorable without you. I will see you in Finlandia soon, it's my turn to show you my country now. Amo voces.
I could write this blog post forever, but if I would thank every person I am thankful to I would never stop writing haha. You know who you are and you are always in my heart. Actually, I feel like I have left a part of my heart in Brazil. Thank you beautiful country for surpassing all my expectations. It is not a goodbye, it is a see you soon. Nao é um adeus, é um até logo! <3