The past week

Hey friends! Here's some random pics from the past week.
Last Friday it was November 1st which means World Vegan day! Very exciting I mus say, since it was then two years since I officially went vegan. I worked in the day and in the evening I had dinner with these lovely ladies above at Anna's place. She made the most delicious vegan lasagna and then we had Jen's apple crumble with vanilly sauce for dessert. Should I mention that both Abby and I felt like we were gonna explode when we walked home? Hehe. 
On Saturday my volleyball tournament all day in a nearby city. We played five games in total and I got to play three of them, where we won two. Intense but fun day! In the evening I went in to Oslo to celebrate my classmate Purity's birthday with some other girls. We went to a sing-along karaoke bar which was surprisingly fun, haha!
On Sunday I went for a run and in the evening I went with some friends in to Oslo to watch a division 1 volleyball game where our friend and my classmate Hannes plays. Love watching good volleyball. We also stopped by the Aker brygge in the city center to check out the Oslo light festival. Was really cute even though it was freezing cold, and I definitely found my new favorite area in Oslo.
This week I worked on Monday, then I've been in school, studied and worked out. Today I was going to yoga but my phone showed -7 so I decided to stay in bed and then I went out for an 8k run when the sun was up. Lovely! There's so much frost here now so it almost looks like snow. I also booked an exciting trip today, by the way! I will go to see my sister in Spain for one week in the middle of December and I am SO excited. Can't wait for some warmer climate, palm trees and just being back in Marbella. Almost feels like a second home now after having been there quite frequently the past two years. Another good thing: there's four weeks left of school! The countdown has officially begun... 
Ok, heading to school now for one class and then I'm going to Jen's to bake with her for her b-day dinner tomorrow. Then I work all weekend Friday - Monday. Talk to you soon!