GOALS 2019

So the time has come to prepare for a new year. 2018 was one of my best years and 2019 will be no less. I don't have any "real" promises for this year but I do have a few things that I will try to keep in mind. 
  • Read at least one book per month. This was actually my goal last year and I accomplished it which I am very happy about! I love reading and you just need to make time for it. I bought two books today so I'm off to a good start. Will do a blog post with some recommendations!

  • Keep on living as I do. And when I say this I mean being vegan and working out on a healthy level (for me). Deciding to be vegan is one of my best decisions and I have never felt this good and fresh. 2018 was a good year helth-wise with continous workouts and I will keep this up. I signed up for the gym now while I'm home which feels so good, and I will keep this up in Brazil as well.

  • White January. I did it in October and it felt really good. Now I will do it January and then we will see. Hopefully I will do it for longer. 
  • Start doing yoga! This one is very cliché, but it is something I want to find my way back to. I did yoga when I was in high school but this was many years ago (hehe, getting old). I will try to go to some classes at the gym here and then in Brazil. My mom is totally in love with yoga and we are not too different so I think it might be something for me. Plus, I am VERY stiff so I would like to be a little more flexible.

  • Learn Portugese. One more language would look good on the resume. 

  • Figure out what I want to do. By this, I mean in life. What do I want to work with? What do I want to study for my masters? I have a little idea but I still feel like I change my mind every day.