Hey friendos. Sorry for the absence but that's just how life is right now. I will tell you more about New Years etc but right now I am so excited about Brazil that I have a hard time thinking of anything else. I am not sure that I have mentioned this on the blog before so I will take it from the beginning, hehe, here we go:
Since I am currently studying International management we have to go abroad for one semester during our last school year. And believe it or not, this is my final year. My school has partner universities in almost every country in the world which is amazing but also makes it so much harder. When choosing my country I was debating a few questions with myself: where would I like to live? What language should I practice mor? Is there a new language I should learn? I pretty fast realized that I wanted to go somewhere far, to a country that I might not go otherwise. A little bit as with Mexico. I also realized that I want to learn a new language. Everyone that knows me knows that languages are one of my biggest passions. With these requirements, my options were pretty much Asia or South America, and more specifically Brazil since I already speak (more or less) Spanish. Knowing that it would be hard to learn an Asian language in one semester, my thoughts started drifting towards Brazil. A country that seems liek the definition of exotic to me, on the other side of the world, and with a new language that I might be able to learn a bit of. 
I am going to live in Ribeirao Preto which is one hour by plane from Sao Paulo. It is a city with about 600 000 inhabitants and is apparently called the Brazilian California because of a combination of an economy based on agribusiness and high technology and year-round sunny weather. I will study at UNAERP which also has a campus in Sao Paulo and is one of the highest ranked universities in South America according to one of my teachers in France. I will study business management and my courses are Business plan development, Finance, Human resources, International business and Marketing. It is they same as I have been studying in France. The school is a private university with lots of facilities such as a pool, gym and other sports arenas. 
Above this post you can see some pics of where I will be living. I have a two bedroom furnished apartment. Also, the building has a pool and a gym (!), and is about 3 km from school. It is next to a shopping mall and close to some parks. It seems great and I hope I can stay for the whole four months!
I think I have told you about everything I know, I'm sorry if it was a bit long. I will leave home on February 10 and travel for 19 hours, haha. Can't wait!