Hey everyone! I've had a good past few days since I came back from Sweden, seeing friends and working out every day. On Saturday I worked for a catering which was fun. I really feel that this year has started off in the best way. At the moment I'm waiting for getting my Visa, I have to plan a trip with my mother to go to the Embassy in Helsinki soon! Exciting. And speaking of Brazil and all that, I ordered these two bikinis from Zaful yesterday! Since it is around 30 degrees there and I have a pool I will do my bets to work on my tan. I think both of these are so nice. I also bought a new very colourful skirt the other day, can't wait!! I'm so glad that I'm finally excited about going. 
I was going to o a post about this week's plans but realized I didn't have any lol. I hope I'll work in the school, next week I will work every day which is good! I started my day with a sleep in and then a 50 minutes walk in the sun. So nice! Now I will have lunch and then go to the bank before I see Mathias. Gym tomorrow since I've been working out for four days in the row and my body is reeeallly feeling it haha.. Good to be bakc on track though! 
Have a nice week everyone!