My best salad recipe

I hope you all are having a good start to the week. Today I've been quite productive and done laundry, groceries and yoga, before class. Now I'm home and am soon going to the gym and then volleyball. I just wanted to recommend to you my favorite salad recipe right now, as I said, don't underestimate a salad. I have been craving it basically everyday for a week haha, and can't get enough.
Cherry tomatoes
Other shredded veggies like carrots, kale etc
Homemade dressing
I like the chickpeas spicy and toasted so I fry them for a while in a pan with no oil, salt and spicy sauce until they are crispy. In the meanwhile, cut and mix all the veggies in a big bowl. I make my own dressing in a mixer with aquafaba (chickpea "water"), sunflower oil, salt and mustard (if you add vineager the dressing will go thick and turn into vegan aioli). Put the salad on a plate, add chickpeas and dressing and then I add some "farofa" on the top which is a soy protein dried with spices which is delicious. You can also use nutritional yeast I'm sure! Bon appétit!