Today's mood: Good!! I slept very well, as I've done lately since I've tried to improve my sleeping habits. It does so much for the everyday mood. 

Today's must-do: Pay the rent for February which I just did! I have also done some other paper work etc which feels good when it's done. I really don't like to do those things (such as bank papers, insurance, fill in forms etc) but the feeling afterwards is great, especially if you've been putting it up for a while hehe..

Today's hair: Today's hair is actually better than it usually is. I showered and blow-dried it this morning so now it's nice and fresh. 

Today's makeup: As always on normal days: nothing. I have seen a HUGE difference in my skin since I became a vegan and I couldn't be happier about it. I've always had some skin problems, not extreme ones but still. Now I can go without any makeup and still feel as if my face skin looks okay. Even though it is shallow it gives me a good feeling about myself and I automatically feel way more comfortable without makeup. 

Today's outfit: I'm wearing a new pair of jeans that I got from Jenny! Explanation mark because I honestly cannot understand how it's possible that we can wear the same jeans. They must have been too big for her. Anyways, they are light blue and a little bit shorter, I think the model is called "mom jeans". I match them with a black turtleneck and my black everyday boots. Tonight I think I'll change to the new ones with glitter heel though. 

Today's plans: I have six hours of psychosociology in school today. Tonight I'll see Asta in a café/bar in Le Marais, excited to see her!!


What do you think of this bag? I'm thinking about ordering it.

Today's wanted: A new bag for school. It has to be quite big so it fits my computer etc. I've been changing between a beige one that I bought two years ago in a random store, and a light pink one from Calvin Klein these past two years so I feel like it's time for something new. I'm boring but I think I want a black one. 

Shannon Toogoods foto.
Shannon's photo from summer 2016 when she came to visit. I honestly LOVE Åland in summertime, no place I'd rather be. 

Today's thought: I have to do my internship for four months. This might not sound like a problem, and it isn't really, but I would have loved to be able to go home to Åland for July and August. Now, instead, I have my internship from the beginning of April until the end of July since they don't take interns for less than four months. I'm still excited about the internship and so glad that I got one that I reallt wanted BUT July at home is so great. Oh well, I hope (and I'm sure) it will be worth it, though. I will go home in the end of July and be there the whole month of August and the half month of September, until we go back to school. I'm thinking about going home for Easter before the internship starts, we will see.

Today's most boring: That the teacher came one hour late for class. This happens almost on a regular basis in my school at the moment.. Yes the organisation isn't the best here haha.. Oh well, I didn't really mind since I had time to do other things while waiting. 

With Grégoire and Daniel in Mexico 2014. Can't believe it's been four years since this photo was taken?! Like WHAT? This photo was taken during one of our big trips the "Ruta Colonial" in the state of Oaxaca. 
Today's longing: I can't wait to see Daniel again! He's coming to visit in the middle of February and it's been more than two years since we saw each other. I just have to plan our weekend so I can show him the best parts of Paris. That's the good thing when having lived here for more than two (!!) years, now I know the tourist traps, what's worth to visit and what's not (stand in the line to the Eiffel tower, no thanks).