Chill days

Hello my loves! As I assumed I didn't blog for a couple of days when Daniel was here. We have basically just been chilling, something I NEVER do haha, but it was well needed for him since he was quite jet lagged after his backpacking trip. Anyways, we still had time to do some stuff such as visiting Notre Dame the first night he was here. Also went for a little walk over the islands in the Seine. 
On Friday we were quite productive and started at the Louvre so Daniel could tick Mona Lisa of his bucket list lol. Then we walked through the Tuileries and along the Seine, to the Champs Élysées and all the way up to Arc de Triomphe where we went up for the full view of Paris. The sun was shining so it was a very nice day to do this indeed. In the evening we had sushi and then approximately 30 people entered my home for a house party haha! It was a fun evening but at three when everyone had left we just went to sleep, I guess I'm getting old lol. Didn't feel like going out at all. Saturday was spent at home mostly, I managed to clean up the mess in our apartment, made pancakes for Nico and Daniel and went for a run in the sun. In the early evening we went out for a walk and ended up by the Eiffel Tower when it sparkled. Great couple of days with a really good friend. 
Today I have actually worked and now I should go to sleep. Tomorrow I'm working again and before that I'm gong to school to do a group project with some girls in my class. Have a good start to the week everyone!