Home sweet home

Hi friends. Yesterday we travelled all day and arrived home in the evening with three large bags and two small. Packing up three years isn't easy but it's definitely doable. Although I am not sure how I would have done it without my mother and sister. Anyways, here we are now and for the moment I am happy to be home. Today we slept in, had a nice breakfast and went out for a walk in the sun. So lovely with the fresh air and the silence. Went to see my gransparents and then we came back home. Tonight we are going to a Christmas concert in the church. The amount of time I've been spending in churches lately is probably more than my whole life, haha. The upcoming days we don't have much planned which I actually appreciate for once. We will see how long it lasts. On Sunday I'm going to Jenny's to spend New Years with her and Greg. Looking forward to it!
By the way, I am currrently working on moving my blog to a new platform. Hopefully I can move my archive so I have it all at one place. Crazy that I've been blogging for more than eight years now!