Summer's back in Paris

New pants from H&M and super comfy shirt from Zara, the chains are really stepping it up this season I tell ya 
Another Monday is here and Monday seems like the the new day I blog on. This past week has been a mix of working out (not as much as I wanted to though), hanging out with my dear Emsilou and reschedueled classes which meant more free time yey. I ended up working all Thursday as hostess for a Volvo event for the launch of a new model. Was fun and very chill so I don't complain. So glad about this job. On Friday we did a small house party. Or well, that was the plan. We ended up with almost 30 people in the apartment though, but that's also the cool thing: it is possible to invite a lot of people over. Spent the rest of the night in L'Arc (where else) and was quite tired the next day.
In the late afternoon I jumped on the tram to go meet my lovely mother who arrived to Paris. We spent the evening in Paris city center with a little stroll through the Tuileries, Place Vendôme and the Opera where we had a late dinner in one of my fav spots, Le Paradis du Fruit. The restaurant where I approximately hung out two times per week in the spring, that is.
On Sunday we woke up well-rested (although I was still tired humm..) and had a nice breakfast before heading out to enjoy the best of Paris in full sunshine. Was a lovely day with walking at least 12 kilometers. Champs Élysées, Trocadero, the Seine, Concorde, Pont Neuf... In the early evening we took the bus to Ikea where we got A LOT of good stuff for the apartment, so happy, thx mama <3. Had dinner at home in the evening with her "the man of my life" as she put it (LOL), and then I had to do some school work. It happens on a rare basis but sometimes I actually sit down and focus for a couple of hours. 
Today I have class aaall day, woke up early to finish my presentation in our business English class which I'm quite happy about, and am also having a test in sociology today. Glad I paid attention in my earlier academic career, it definitely pays off now. 
Tonight my partner in crime, fashion sister, manager and most of all, dear friend Kim K is arriving to Paris. CAN'T WAIT. Reunion of the year for sure after too many months appart. 
Have a great week friends, I know we will xx