Monday reflections


What are you wearing today?

I was in a good mood this morning and felt well rested (since I didn't spend the weekend partying) so I'm wearing a new dress that I haven't had the occasion to wear yet. It's simple and black with a very cute white blouse underneath. With this I wore tights, coat, scarf and gloves cause apparently winter is coming even to Paris this year. Oh and not to forget my "Gucci" loafers, best shoe buy in a while (except for the "Valentinos". 

What are you listening to today?

Normally I always listen to some Spotify playlist, usually "Throwback party" (since life's a party yeahhh) but at the moment I have my headphones at Emma's SO nothing but right now at home Taylor Swift. She's the best. 

What’s your mood today?

Mode has been surprisingly good regarding that it's Monday and it's much thank to that I didn't go out and instead worked out and did other GOOD things this weekend. I had a sociology test in school that went well (I think) and then I had a job interview where I apparenlty was over qualified so they sent me on to another place. How nice to hear? I am currently looking for a new part-time job since I chose to quit the nightclub scene. At least for a while. A clothing store or a restaurant would be the best. 

Plans for the week?

I basically don't have class this week since it's school holiday in France so today I saw Asta who's visiting from Denmark and then my dear Ellie who never stops to impress. My friends are the coolest, I'm just saying. Tomorrow Tuesday I'll go for a run or some kind of workout, then I have some schoolwork to do and then I'm going to the post office. I also have to email my French bank. Then I might go out tomorrow since it's Halloween but that is to be continued... On Wednesday I hope I'll have sushi with Hanna, on Thursday I'm seeing Asta again before she goes home aaand.... Ummm what more. Probably going out and hanging with Emma. 

What was the most fun thing that happened lately?

I'd say... my current living situation. I love the apartment, I love Jeremy and Nico and I love how well we get along. We eat together, we watch movies and series, sometimes we work out or just chill and talk about our days. It's cool, you're never alone. 

The reflection of the week?

The #MeToo campaign and on a more personal level, my current work situation. Work has always been very important to me and I have worked since I was 13. Dance teacher, free lancer, sports store, teacher, au pair, promoter, waitress, bartender, bakery, clothing store, hostess... I never quit a job and today I quit promoting. I don't know, I heard that you should trust the feeling in your stomach and something told me this just wasn't right for me anymore. The superficialness took over and the parts that I used to enjoy before just didn't seem that fun anymore. The question "is it worth it" has been a little too present in my mind lately and it made me to finally take the decision to stop. I still like the nightclub scene, though, and who knows what will happen in the future. But right now I need to focuse on school and my own HEALTH. Oh dear... To feel well rested is the best feeling I have had in a while. 

Another reflection... they say girls are complicated but I don't know... I don't get guys.