Winter has come to Paris

Hey friends. So my short school week has come to an end and winter has arrived to Paris. This morning while sitting in class, the teacher suddenly announced that it was snowing and everyone woke up from their comas and starred out the window for about five minutes. Personally I couldn't believe my eyes either, I mean, it's been cold lately, but snow in Paris in the end of November doesn't seem too normal for me. After midday when leaving school (since we only had one class this morning) I was then positively surprised by the bright sunshine. I'm not kidding when I say that it was almost too bright for me while walking home from the tram. This is definitely a response to the grey weather lately.
Anyways. I guess you're not here for a weather forecast so I am going to move on. Today I am just going to study here at home and get some things done. I basically only have two "real" weeks left in school which means... four exams and two big projects to turn in.
I'm not really the one to complain, though, the worst part is already done for me. I'm just praying that I will pass this semester cause even though I've been working harder (way harder) this year than last (I did NOTHING), there are one or two subjects where my score will ruin my overall score for the rest of the subjects so.... Fingers crossed and otherwise I hope there's some way I can fix it. Actually now, when thinking of school in general, I feel so.. thankful. And optimistic.
A year and a half has passed which means I have a year and a half to go. One semester of this remaining year and a half will go to Erasmus exchange, guess who's excited? Wow! My dream is definitely to go to a German speaking country, that would be ideal for me since my dream is to learn German. So hopefully it will be Germany, Austria or Switzerland! This spring semester we only have class for three months before we do our internships, another factor that makes the time in school even shorter. I feel like I can do this, I must do this. The only thing bothering me now (except for my grades) is finding an internship. There's too many things I wanna do... Ugh. Well let's not get into that now. 
Tonight I'm meeting Hailey for dinner, then heading to Emma's before some work in the club. Tomorrow I have four hours of English with my students and in the night I'm not really sure whats up. Saturday I know I have to study cause then Sunday will be spent in church and working as hostess for an event.
Talk to you soon and have a great weekend, hope we will get some more sunshine!