Barca Rockz

Good evening lovers. I thought I should tell you some more about my up and coming summer job. I originally found it throuh a guy I know who is a manager there. The organization is called Summer Rockz and they are located in four tourist destinations in Spain. Barcelona is one of them and that's where I'm going to be. They organize events for tourists such as boat party, beach party, rooftop party, pool party etc. and my job is to promote and sell this events to tourists. This means I'll be walking the beach every day talking to groups of tourists. In the evenings I'll be there and organize the events. We are a team of 25 promoters in Barcelona of what I know and apparently the competition to get accepted was pretty hard since they had many applications. I went through two interviews and one casting before I got accepted so they are pretty serious about hiring the right people. I work on commission and I will work six out of seven days in the week. Two nights I'm off also which means I work four nights a week plus the day time of course. It's a lot of work they told me but it's also a lot of fun. "Work hard play hard" as they say, sounds like my life motto at the moment haha. 
I couldn't be more excited about spending this summer in Barcelona, I mean, how cool isn't that?! I will get to practice my Spanish, work on my tan more than ever before, hang out with awesome people, meet a lot of tourists, use the languages I know... Plus I will keep up my French since I'm in the French team of Barca Rockz. There's also a Dutch/German team. I will go there sometime in June and then work all July and August and go back to Paris in the beginning in September I think. Sounds perfect to me, can't wait for the summer to start!