More issues than Vogue

Hi guys! I've had a pretty busy day today. Left home at 8 for a 9 o'clock class and finished school at 15:30. Then I headed straight to work and worked until eight this evening. After that I strolled down the whole Champs Élysées, giving bread and croissants to homeless people before I went into GAP and bought some gifts. That's also where I took the first photo, in their kids department. I wanted to show you my new coat that I love love love. It's from Banana Republic so quite fancy, the perfect light pink colour and 80 % whool so pretty warm even though it's light. I just couldn't resist it. In the pic you also see a bit of my new skirt that I bought the other week in Mango. It's short and black in leather imitation and I think it's so cool! I walked all the way to the metro Madeleine and had a chat with my mom before I took the metro home and had dinner. I made mashed potatoes and carrots, lentil "beefs", marinated mushrooms with onion and haricots verts. Sooo delicious! My cooking skills are really stepping up I must say. Now I'm dead in bed, watching gossip girl and dreaming of New York. Tomorrow I think I'll go swimming and then I definitely have to get my shit together and go do my laundry finally. Can't remember the last time I did it lol. Also have a package to pick up, accidentally did some online shopping the other evening oops... Also I have one class in economics in the afternoon and then I have to pack cause on Thursday I'm going home. So excited for the weekend! Sweet dreams everyone!