Always a good time

Hey loves! So this is what's been up lately: my family came to visit and we spent a few amazing days together visiting everything there is to visit in Paris. Had the best time honestly. Also been chilling in school and not doing much as usually lol. This weekend I've been out with Rachel on Friday and Emma on Saturday and also worked Saturday in the bakery. Today me and Emma had the laziest day ever just chilling and napping in my bed and tonight we managed to go for a nice evening walk in a pretty warm Paris and had vegan burgers for dinner. Food heaven for sure. This upcoming week is going to be pretty calm. Tomorrow I start school at one which is nice and on Tuesday I'm going to dinner with my girls for my b-day. So excited about it. Oh and next weekend I'm going to Rome with Sarah!! Don't think I've told you that? Anyways I can't wait for it, I love Italy and my best friend so it can't go wrong. Now I'm gonna watch Friends in bed and sleeeep, somehting that I haven't gotten much of this weekend. Goodnight fam!