Christmas 2017 part 2

On the 25th Sarah and her parents came to our summer house. I served this delicious bun/cake made out of saffron mmh. Vegan ofc!
In the evening we pregamed at my place on the balcony. Sarah, Melli, Jassa, Amanda and Bea and Edvard.
Aaand on the 26th, after a night out, we had tacos at the summer house with my mom, sister, Samuel and Patti. I made vegan ones for me and mom with beans.
Took salfies with my slightly overweight cat, Maja
This week I've been working four days in a row. Lots of fun! Also got the best vegan food.
One evening I went shopping with my mom to the store where I used to work, Modehuset Alice. Bought this AMAZING dress and another one.
Hung out at Dessie's place two nights with these girls when she was home from Marbella. So good to be reunited! <3
Also one night at Sarah's place with her and Patricia. This was out midnight snack haha
More restaurant lunches.
Dinner on Dinos and drinks at Indigo with Gabbi, Moa, Mathias, Emma and some others. So fun to be out and meet people and mingle!
Gabbi bought champagne ofcourse!
Today it is the 31st of December and I woke up to this prepared by my sister. Things could be worse for sure! Now out for a walk before getting ready to go to Mathias place for dinner with friends. I'll post a 2017 resume here later. HAPPY NEW YEAR FRIENDS!