Fur dreams

Skriv inläggstext 

Good evening lovers. This pic is from Tuesday when I was trying on a lovely fur in the store I work. Unfortunately it wasn't fake and costs 200 euros but how fancy isn't it? Gosh I felt like a queen in it.

Anyways. Today my mom work me up at 7 and asked if I wanted to work in the school so I got dressed and headed over there for two hours of English. After that I went to Alice and worked three hours and then I spent the rest of this Thursday in Sittkoffska. Came home at 9 after a 10,5 hours working day altogether, not too bad. Now I really have to sleep since I'm going to the gym at 06:45 tomorrow. Good luck to me yeyy. Then I'm working 12 hours in Bryggan and after that I'll hopefully drink wine with someone fun. Bye