So you wanna play with magic?

Hi people. So it's been a while again and this time I can honestly blame it on my internet which has been shut down for the last few days. Oh well... So I didn't blog lately, but did you die? Haha ok just kidding. Last weekend was awesome and so was this one, I'm so happy with my life at the moment. More love, more laugh, more smiles, more happiness. On Friday I just hung by my pool with Rachel and my family and had some pizza and later two of my guy friends stopped by. On Saturday I went early with my Rotarians for som stuff with them and then in the afternion I went with all if the exchange students and some other people to Akinoria house to watch the Champions League final. After that we hung out by the pool, ordered pizza, danced and swam. I am so lucky to have these people in my life, it's like having nine new best friends from all around the world. Saturday night me and Rachel and Jake went to a friends of a friends house and hung there and played some games and had fun before we went out. Good night! Sunday was an incredibly lazy day where I spent most of my time in bed before I in the night went with Rachel and Fredi to the airport to revive Rachel's friend Emily who's gonna stay here for five weeks. After we all and some other people went for tacos, delicious as always. Today I went to school and hung with my best guy friends most of the day before I went to the mall to see a movie with Rachel. So good! I also bought an outfit for Saturdays "Pointless white party" which one of my school friends is arranging, will be so much fun I think. I hope you guys are good and by the way if you have any questions you can go to my Ask which is
A little sneak peak of Saturdays outfit, I'll show you better pics later!