Follow my Mexican life?

So I was just gonna stop be here to say that I know I'm not very active here on the blog, but you might (hopefully) still be interested in following my life here in Mexico, cause I still love to share it, so I'll give you some other options where I'm more active. Ofcourse I'm also on the motherhood ship of all these social medias, Facebook, but there I try to accept the people I only know or have some kind of important connection to.
1. Instagram stylebytaraa - haven been active here all the time since I came to Mexico and at the moment I'm more active than ever since there are a lot of things going on in life here. And also cause I'm in the mood of sharing. Before I was more paranoid "girlish" like "hmmm can I really post this photo..? Which effect should I use and what caption should I make to not sound like a geek but still not too bitchy?". Now I've just stopped with all these ridiculous thoughts. Hellooo wake up call to myself, this is my Instagram and if I wanna be spontaneous and post whenever I want to without thinking like "ooh no now I cant post this photo even if I might want to cause people will think I'm an anoying attention seeking nerd"... No no no, this is my Instagram about my exchange year so why not have fun with it and enjoy it?
Under this photo on my insta I have a funny story. Do you find anything "wrong" in the picture?
2. Snapchat stylebytara - okay so before I thought snapchat was something very private for only the closest circle but now I've started using it more publicly. Like for example, this "Mi history"-thing is genious to me.
On my "My history" on snapchat I try to make it as a story and not only boring selfies. Selfies actually bore me to death. If they aren't like really pretty or funny or have a cause, then it's ok. But most of the time no.
3. Twitter @tara_bamberg - I've been hanging around on my twitter for a few years but actually never cared that much or been pretty active but now when I'm here I just all of a sudden have all these needs to tweet. Everything from fun cultural mixes to photos not nice enough for Instagram to life quotes (either made up by me or the ones that I finally understood the real meaning of).
Lately I've been feeling very wise and inspired for some reason so then my twitter flow gets pretty crowded. And I'm sorry but here I can't translate since it's limited to 160 characters BUT I write in the language that I'm "in" at the moment when I tweet so it will probably be English, Spanish or Swedish. Mostly the two first though.