Good evening! Here are a few pics from this lovely Sunday. I went to Oslo and had lunch at Oslo Raw with Hege, Jen, Marie and Anna from my class. How cute are they? It was such a nice place with delicious lunch. Then we went for a stroll in the sun before we studied together for a few hours. Perfect day!
It's been a good weekend in general, on Friday I worked the first day at the hotel which went well I think. Then I had volleyball practice and a taco dinner at Alejandro and Carolina's place with some people from the class. It turned into a game night which was really fun, we played a game where you have to name as many countries as you know, among others... Can you tell that we are a bunch of international relations nerds? Hehe... 
On Saturday I started the day with a 8k run in the forest which was the best run I've been on in a while. It just went so smooth which is the best feeling. Then I went to a class at the gym and the rest of the afternoon I studied at a cafe. In the evening Jen came over for enchiladas and we just had a cozy night in. 
Tomorrow it is a new week which will be very busy. I sat down and organized my agenda tonight. As long as I feel like I'm in control I can be very busy, I just need to be structured haha.. Control freak much? Anyways, tomorrow I'll work in the hotel again, to get into the routines and then study a bit before volleyball practice in the evening. Wishing you all a great start to the week! xx