Dear dear readers. Where should I begin? After... one of the best weeks in my life I am speachless. Let's start with part one of our trip: Barcelona!!! We arrived Friday evening and stayed until Monday morning. Are you ready?! Let's go!
After having bought a new phone for Jenny and stopped by her bank we got on the plane at Arlanda. Try to find more excited people than we were here! 
Our bathroom in the hotel in Barcelona. Loved it! icest part of the hotel room though hehe...
We got ready in like 30 minutes and headed to Sensi where I had made dinner reservations. This place is the best restaurant in Barcelona for tapas if you ask me!
Enjoyed a lot of small yummie tapas dishes.
And also some Sangria! In the evening we headed to a one rooftop bar before we ended up in W hotel's nightclub Eclipse on the 26th floor. Always a good time there!
Hello Saturday! Started the day with...
... breakfast in probably my all time favorite restaurant, and now it's Jenny's too - Flax & Kale! This place is just to die for. 
We shared and enjoyed the food to a point that is probably not healthy hahaha!
Then it was time to go out in the sun...
... and head to...
... the beach!! Found a "calm" spot and stayed for hours. So nice and relaxing even though the beach was packed. 
Had a lil' afternoon snack...
... and took some pics. Of course! We have been practicing portrait mode this whole trip, and what can I say, we are hooked!
We also went for a stroll along the beach...
... and had delicious but very sweet sorbet.
Strolling and acting casual as always! Met my old colleagues Robin and Barca who I used to work with two years ago when I lived in Barcelona, good memories <3
The scarf was either in my hair or on my bag during the whole trip haha! Love it. 
On Saturday evening when heading back to the hotel the rain caught us by surprise and we ended up in a thai restaurant. Despite questionable service we really enjoyed the food and some serious deep talk.
And when it started to rain we went out, first to the bar where I used to work and then to my all time fav nightclub, Carpe Diem. If you go to Barcelone, please do me a favour and go here. Had such a fun time, as always! Fun fact: I borrowed Jeny's super cute denim dress but it was a bit too short so I wore biker shorts under. Why not haha.
Goodmorning Sunday! 
We couldn't help ourselves but to return to Flax & Kale for another amazing breakfast/brunch. Speachless, again. This time we had a mexican bowl thingy with pulled jackfruit which is deliciousness on a new level, some kind of salad, and the avo toast again. 
The sun was shining and we spent the whole day at the beach with new friends. The best time. I can't remember when I last laughed that much.
And the last evening we headed with the guys to W hotel's wet deck pool party. Enjoyed it a lot, went to Carpe Diem for a while and finished the night in Opium.
The next morning two tired people jumped on a flight to Marbella but more about that in another post!