Almost home!

Good morning lovers! The trip went fine last night, slept five hours at my cousin's before I went to the bus this morning. The bus ride was quite pleasant actually, I just looked out the window and took in the beautiful Swedish winter wonderland. When I was home the last time for Christmas there wasn't any snow, so I almost felt as if I was going home for Christmas holidays now lol. As you can see above the sun was really strong so that woke me up as well hehe. Now I'm on the ferry, aaalmost home!
So what are the plans for these upcoming days? Today my sister will come and pick me up when I arrive, then we will go and have "fika" with my dads family. Will be nice to see them! Tomorrow I'm seeing my friends for a lunch in our favorite café, so excited!! Actually several of them are home at the moment, so good timing! The rest of the weekend will be spent in the summer house with my lovely mother, my sister goes back to Spain on Saturday. Then I return to Paris on Monday evening. Yepp yepp that's the weekend plans!