Sunday list

Throwback Paris 2016 when Sarah came to visit me. 

Most cozy this week: Not a lot of cozy moments this week with this GREY weather (yes I am a weather person). Had dinner with Macha and Jeremy on Monday. Very nice. Had a movie night with Jeremy last night with dinner in bed, was pretty cozy cause we both were exhausted. Apart from that maybe the "fika" in the Swedish church after Tuesday's choir or coffee with Klara today, with a front row view of Notre Dame. Okay so actually some cozy moments. 

Advice of the week: To get home at 00:15 and getting up 06:45 the next day is not the best idea. Especially when your work is to stand up for hours and be nice to people. Note to self. 

Most missed this week: Hmmm. Good one. I don't have a specific person, I think. Or yes, I miss Daniel but he told me that he booked his flight to come visit in mid-February so I'm very happy about that. It's been more than 2 years since we saw each other. Also I miss the sun, a lot. Need spring ASAP. 

Most fun of the week: That my interviews have been going well and work etc! Fingers crossed now guys. 

"Most wanted" this week: Hmmm. Can I say the sun again? Just kidding. I've been feeling an urge to book a trip in February or March, before I go on internship but I can't decide where/with who. Ideas, anyone? 

Next week: Just a normal school week, aaand on Thursday I only have one class in the afternoon so I get to sleep in. GREAT news! Sleeping in feels like a rare luxury these days. I also have choir practice on Tuesday, teach English on Friday and also hopefully working in the hotel again this weekend. And we are celebrating Jeremy's birthday! Will be fun. Gonna try to plan some meet-ups with friends as well.