Since last time

Hey my loves! Let's have a look at what I've been up to since the last time I wrote here.
On Thursday I went to Café Saint Regis on Ile Saint Louis, on of the two islands situated in the river Seine. Had tea with Jenny and caught up.
On Friday I got up early to go and work in the hotel. It is situated rightnext to the beautiful Place Vendôme. Here's a pic of my work outfit, as well. After work I went to teach English one hour and in the evening I had sushi with Lilli and Macha. So good to be together. Also stopped by Jeremy's birthday celebration before I headed home after a long day. 
I worked Saturday and Sunday as well, here's two pics of what the staff food can look like. Wow!! The best part is that they give us all the leftovers from the fancy breakfast and brunch, such as fresh fruits and pastries etc. Yumm. 
Saturday evening I went to Bianco's on Rue Montorgueil to have dinner with Lilli, Macha, Ellie and Chloe. Hadn't seen Ellie in too long so that was really nice. I had a vegetarian pizza without cheese -> vegan. That's a good idea if you're in a restaurant as a vegan and there's nothing to eat: just ask them to remove the cheese from a vegetarian pizza! We also enjoyed some delicious cocktails, I had a strawberry/raspberry mojito, so good! 
Sunday evening after work I went to the cinema with Klara to see The Greatest Showman. I would definitely recommend it if you like musicals (and Zac Efron hehe). Afterwards we went for a little walk by the Seine and looked at the raised water level. Almost scary! 
That was my weekend, lots of work but I'm glad I could enjoy some time with friends as well. Hope you had a good one too. Now I'm going to choir practice, talk to you guys later!