S k i r t

Had a very professional photo shoot in my bathroom tonight with my phone camera
Hello lovers! I want to show you my new skirt! It's actually my sisters old one but I really like it. Simple but cute and still a bit different. Big plus that it goes with pretty much anything and to any occasion. Speaking about clothes I wore my spring coat for the first time today. Yes, you got it right! It has been warmer in Paris for two days now so I of course grabbed the opportunity to wear lighter clothes, and I felt so good about it. Nice clothes can really boost my mood!
Anyways. I had a good day in school even though it was long. I even managed some parts of our maths test which was over my expectations since I wasn't prepared at all. Tonight I have just chilled at home, wrote an English essay, the fashion column, talked to my mom and had a yummie dinner (as always hehe). Now I'm gonna watch some Netflix before going to sleep. Tommorow I'm gonna have a sleep in which is gonna be the only one this week (working all weekend) so I'm really excited about that. Lazy mornings are the best. Hugs!