N e w

Hi there! Look what I found today on sale. I am a true sucker for sales as you might know, sooo I just couldn't resist it when I found this cute blouse and the fancy boots. I am not a big fan of buying shoes, it might have something to do with my big feet or the fact that it is just so difficult? Anyone that agrees? Anyways, these ones were comfortable and still "basic" enough to wear everyday. I think. I like the silver heel, hehe. The blouse is just the perfect everyday blouse that works in the daytime as well as in the evening. And the best part? I got them both for 24 euros instead of 75! Did anyone say bargain? YES I believe so. 
Now I'm off to see Jenny, was over a week ago so will be good to catch up. Tomorrow I'm working eeearly in the hotel so better get to sleep at a reasonable hour tonight. Have a good evening everyone!