MY 2017 - PART 2

In the beginning of July I went to Barcelone to work for two months with Summer Rockz. I got used to the job and got to know the great team. Went to the techno event brunch in the park one day, which was one of the best days of the summer. Also worked one day in our boat party which I won as a bonus for being one of the top sellers. 
August continued as June but now I lived on the Rambla instead of the Sagrada Familia. Became closer with some of my coworkers and just enjoyed time together. Sarah also came to visit two times during these two months. Something that stands out from my two months was the terror attack the 17th of August. I remember this day, and the days that followed afterwards, as if it happened yesterday. 
In the beginning of September it was time to stop living in the Barcelona bubble and return to Paris to start my second year at university. At this time I was also without an apartment but got one after only a week. Visited over ten apartments with Jeremy in two days and the third day we got a phone call. SO lucky! The time before I lived with Macha, so thankful to have her in my life. Also moved all my stuff from my old apartment to her place before moving them to the new apartment. Wow! Two days after we had moved in I returned to school after four months of break. In September we did two house parties, I think, one with a couple of our coworkers from Barcelona. So much fun! My mom came to visit for a couple of days and helped us getting settled in the apartment. We also had some time to enjoy Paris together. Also worked two days in fashion week which was a dream come true for me. 
Fashion week continued and Angelica came to visit for a week. Then Mathias and Amanda came for a weekend and the week after, Sarah came quite spontaneoulsy. So many good moments. At the end of October the #MeToo campaign had exploded all over the world and I participated in a demonstration at Place de la Republique in Paris with Brooke and Emma. 
November started with a Halloween event in L'Arc, just after I had quit my job there. From what I can remember of November I had pretty much school work. Grégoire came to visit for a couple of days and it was so good to see him, as always. I also started working as an English tutor and got a new job in two other clubs.
December came and I was very busy with school, tutoring, working in the clubs and also with the Swedish Lucia choir that I had joined with Emma. A lot of fun but almost too busy. Hailey came and stayed with us a couple of days during her little Europe trip. One day I went to the Louis Vuitton Fondation with Jenny and had a really nice afternoon. Went home to Åland the 19th of December and enjoyed the company of family and friends as much as possible as well as some work in the restaurant. 
Thank you 2017 for introducing me to some new amazing people and opportunities, giving me memorable moments, teaching me lessons for life and inspiring me to push my limits and work hard for what I want.