MY 2017 - PART 1

Started 2017/ended 2016 with a big dinner at Mathias place. Had a really fun night! Then in early January I came back to Paris to start the second semester. Enjoyed being back by going for runs by the Seine and hanging with Macha. I also got the job in the bakery where I worked all spring. 
In the beginning of February I actually went back to Åland för a weekend. To work in Kino and to see Sarah and Bim that had returned after their backpacking trip in Asia. I also went to visit Grégoire in Lyon for his late birthday celebrations. My dad and his family came visiting for a couple of days this month as well. It was great showing them "my Paris". I also turned 21 in the end of February! Celebrated it with a cozy dinner with Macha, Ellie, Lilia, Anna and Marta at Frog Pub at Bastille where I lived. 
And the celebrations continued in March. Sarah and I went to Rome for a weekend where we partied, had good food, did some shopping and also visited my dad on his (then) new cruise ship. After the weekend Sarah came back with me to Paris where we hung with my friends, enjoyed the city and went to L'Arc (for the second time in my life then). In the end of March I also got the summer job in Barcelona and was more than excited about it. 
In the end of March/beginning of April I mostly enjoyed the beautiful spring weather in Paris. I also started working in L'Arc.
April was a month of traveling! I went to London for a weekend with Lilli and Macha and stayed at Macha's cousins house and had the best girls weekend. Also went to the French city Le Havre with Marta to see my dad on his cruise ship over a day. At the end of April I celebrated having finished my first school year by going to Frankfurt to see Lilli with Macha and Ellie. This trip was so relaxing and nice, we just enjoyed each other's company at Lilli's house and had the best time together. 
In the beginning of May Mathias came to visit. Jassa and Patricia also came for a couple of days. Love having people visiting! I also worked my last nights in L'Arc and hung with Angelica.
In the middle of May it was time for me to go back home to Åland. I worked a couple of weeks in my mom's school, went to Stockholm over a day with my little sister Mei and then my sister Nona graduated in the beginning of June! So proud of her. Then it was my mom's turn to turn 50 so we threw a big surprise party for her. I think she enjoyed it!
In the end of June I spent midsummer in the restaurant where I worked, Brasserie, and then I went a bit spontaneously to Gotland for the Natwest Island Games where my sister participated and also my old volleyball team. Had some great couple of days there, cheering on my team (and the rest of team Åland), filming their games, hanging out with my mom and then my dad who came there. Then I spent the last days home on Åland (enjoying beautiful sunsets) before going to Barcelona in the beginning of July - more about that in the next post