Le week-end

Good evening lovers! The weekend was very short but sweet so let's have a look at what I've been up to!
On Friday I forced myself to get up early. I had an interview for internship scheduled so I was very excited. It was cancelled last minute though but I hope they will give me a new time. Or actually I've already emailed about rescheduling it so it should be ok! Anyways, after that little disapointment I went home to Emily. We went to Le Bon Marché (which I really recommend if you're going to Paris) to get some stuff for our lunch. Emily prepared the genious dish Buffalo cauliflower! Woooow it was insanely good. Look the recipe up on Pinterest if you're interested, I can highly recommend it. After that I went to see my love Macha that I hadn't seen since September when she moved to New Caledonia (next to Australia). It was so good to see her.<3 In the evening I thaught English and then I met Jenny for wine and chill before I headed home after a full day in Paris. I had a calm night in and it was so nice. 
On Saturday I woke up feeling fresh yey and went straight to Emily's to help her pack for a very spontaneous trip to Barcelona. After that I went to see a new friend, Klara, for brunch. We are in the same choir in the Swedish church and decided to go for brunch which was so nice! I love getting to know new cool people and hear their story etc, it's so interesting and rewarding! After a five hour long brunch in La Recyclerie (go there!!!) I headed home and (surprise, surprise) studied for two hours. Yey me lol. In the evening I went to probably the most beautiful hotel I've been to in my life, Plaza Athénée. Wow! Another must-do when in Paris. There I met Jenny and Alice and some friends of Alice which was really nice, and then us girls headed to the restaurant where we had reservation for dinner, Loulou. It is a restaurant situated next to the museum Le Musée des Arts Décoratifs which is in the Louvre so that was very cool. Such a beautiful restaurant with a good vibe and not even as prizy as it might look. Had a yummie truffle pasta and delicious Italian white wine (could move to Italy only for their wine, I think they are so much better than the French ones even though I'm not complaining here in France hehe). The rest of the evening was spent in L'Arc and Titty Twister.
Watched a movie with Nico today and had a cozy afternoon on our couch before heading to Trocadéro in the late afternoon to meet Asta. Before she arrived I watched the Eiffel Tower. I had a really good Paris-moment as I call it, thinking about how happy I am that I live here. Also ha time to chit chat a little bit on Facetime with my mom who was renovating our bathroom at home haha! She's so cool. Then I met Asta and we sat down in the terrass of one of the restaurants at Trocadéro. So cozy and good service! We hadn't seen each other since.. October so it was really good to catch up with her. In the evening my dear Juliana came over for a dinner and I made one of my favorite dishes, the sweetpotato/curry/coconut stew, this time with corn, pineapple and carrots. With that we had some couscous, spinach and tomatoes. Love cooking. We talked about everything and nothing and just had a cozy night.
Now I'm gonna try to sleep, Monday and long day tomorrow, but more about that then. I am just so grateful for the awesome people I have in my life here in Paris. Such amazing girls, all with different qualities that make them shine in different ways. They all inspire me and I feel as if I've been loaded with energy after having hung out with them (and I hope they feel the same way about me). I have realized that that's the sign of true friendship.