Hello weekend!

The sun actually came out on Tuesday when I was on my way to an interview!
Goodmorning Friday! How is everyone feeling? I'm feeling very good thanks for asking, I slept for 8/9 hours! At the moment I'm preparing meals (see on my Instagram story what I made @stylebytaraa) for this weekend since I'll be working both Saturday and Sunday from 8 in the morning until 14:30 in the afternoon. I'm doing a hostess job in Villepinte which is VERY far from where I live so I'll have to get up early tomorrow morning..
That abou that. How's the week been? Well school has been okay although I've been feeling quite tired several days even though I've tried to slept eight hours. I don't know, I guess it's the January mood or something. Can't wait for spring to arrive with some sunshine. The interview on Tuesday went very well, so well that I'm working there as an extra today! It is a hostess job in a restaurant in a five star hotel and I'm hoping that I might get an internship offer there as well. We will see about that. Today I work there from 15:00 to 23:15 and before that I have my second interview in the hotel where I went on Monday. Definitely a busy work/interview week. 
Apart from work I'll tyr to see some friends this weekend. And study. Maybe hmm. Well, have a great weekend everyone!