E s p a ñ a

Hey guys!! I hope your weekend has been good. Mine's been VERY good. A rollercoaster consisting of helping my sister move to Spain, that is. We have furnished her apartment, opened a spanish bank account for her, bought wifi for her apartment, talked with the landlord and the real estate agent etc. But we have also had time to enjoy Marbella and Monda (the little village where she now lives) together, had good food, strolled around and even did some shopping. Such good quality time with my mom and sister! Buuut all good things come to an end and right now I'm sitting at the airport in Malaga, waiting to board my flight back to Paris. I've been gone for less than three weeks but it feels like forever. Or at least more than three weeks. I'll take the 2,5 hour flight to study and maaybe listen to a podcast or two. But I really need to study. 
Tonight I think Macha will stop by the apartment, been a really long time since I saw her (September?) so that will be great. And of course to see the guys again, excited about that. Tomorrow I have school all day though, not TOO excited about that to be honest haha...
By the way, I will do another post with more pics from these past few days in Spain, probably tomorrow. Oh well, time to board. Have a good Sunday everyone! Hugs