Back to reality

Hey guys! So I'm back on track in Paris. Three school days have passed by and I feel quite calm and positive about this semester. Ok not 100 % to be honest, but still, it feels okay. Our two new subjects seem very interesting and so do the teachers so that's at least a good start. 
On Monday I went to refill my eyelashes after 5 weeks, I usually do it every 3rd week so it was very well-needed this time I can tell you. Then Jenny came over for a little reunion dinner and brought flowers, so cute! More flowers to the people. Yesterday after class I went to the Swedish church for choir practice, I have decided to continue the choir even though the Lucia performances are over and I feel so good about it. Love to sing! Today after school I came home and did a home workout with a youtube video, cooked a very delicious dinner (as always, according to myself hehe), studied for a test tomorrow and now I'm chilling in bed. Will soon prepare dinner for my lovely roomies. 
By the way, I wanted to tell you something! I'm not a New Years resulution kind of person but I am a person that like to put up goals to strive for. That's why I've come up with the brilliant idea to promise myself to read 12 books this year. One book per month that is. I love to read and have always done it a lot but the recent years I haven't really prioritized it. That's one thing I learned in Yoga Girl's podcast, by the way. Instead of saying that you don't have the time to do something, you should say the actual truth, that you haven't prioritized it, cause in 99 % of the cases that's the way it is. So now, by doing this promise (and also by writing it her and telling people about it), I can't NOT read this year. I have to do it, and it's great! For example, all the time I spend in public transport every day (1 hour and 20 minutes to go to and come back from school) is now valuable reading time. Thumbs up to that. 
Anyways. This weekend I have an interview for an internship, then I'm seeing Jenny, Macha, Klara and Juliana throughout the weekend and I also have to study and prepare for another internship interview. Excited about hanging with friends and enjoying Paris, it's been a while.