-> Spain

After a lunch with the girls this morning and running some last minute arrends we packed all ten bags in our car to start the trip. Maybe I forgot to tell you but my sister is moving to Spain to study so now we are helping her move, my mom and I. This afternoon the trip started with the ferry to Sweden and the bus to Stockholm! Then we spent one hour there, waiting for the next bus. Nona and I went to Lush in the meanwhile and bought some beauty goodies. I bought vegan schampoo and conditioner, and a lip scrub. I love Lush! Then we took the bus to Nyköping and a taxi to our hotel where we are staying for the night before catching an early flight to Malaga tomorrow. Had dinner at the hotel's restaurant tonight and now I've just finished this weeks "fashion column" for the local newspaper. 
Tomorrow will be an exciting and interesting day for sure. We will land around midday in Malaga and then take a car that we have rented to drive to Monda, which is a village situated about 15 kilometers north of Marbella. There we will meet the realestate agent that will hand us the keys to Nona's newly renovated apartment. How exciting?! 
Guess I should get some sleep to be in shape tomorrow since it'll be a busy day and I will be doing most of the talking. The realestate agent isn't very keen on English, from what we have learned in the emails haha! I'll stay in Marbella until Sunday when I'm going back to Paris and then school starts on Monday. Back to reality etc.
But first - a couple of days in Spain! Stay tuned xx