Weekend plans

Pic from yesterday when I wore my grey blazer that I bought in the fall. Apparently checked blazers are a big trend this spring as well (yey)! I matched it with a black turtleneck, black skinny jeans and my new boots!
Today I woke up early to be at work in the hotel at nine o'clock. I had a really good day including a nice fellow hostess and good staff food as always. Finished at four and walked across the beautiful Place Vendôme in bright daylight, to go and teach English. Today's lesson went very well, the best thing is to see when your students progress. I got home at seven tonight and talked to my mom for an hour before I heated leftovers and studied  North Korea's nuclear policy in relationship to the USA for one and a half hour. Now my brain and body feel pretty over and out so I'm going to watch some series and fall asleep early. 
Tomorrow I'm waking up early as well, this time to go to the bank. After that I'm teaching English for three or four hours before I'm seeing Jenny for a late Saturday lunch. We are going to a hummus restaurant, YES you got that right, and I couldn't be more excited about it. I have wanted to try it for like six months! Then we might go to a fashion photography exhibition, or just go for a walk in Paris since it will be sunny tomorrow. In the evening I think I have to study again, this time the future of American power. 
On Sunday I'm waking up early AGAIN, to go to the Swedish church. We have a concert in the morning and before that we are meeting to rehearse. I'm not complaining though, I really like the choir! After that I'll see my dear Anna, it's been way too long so I am really excited about that. We will probably catch up over a coffee and maybe lunch! The rest of the afternoon and evening I will work in the hotel.