Hey friends! This weekend was very good indeed. On Thursday I went for an afternoon run in the sun, saw Anna for coffee and in the evening Juliana came over for dinner and we had beetroth patties with sweet potato, salad and hummus. Yum yum. On Friday I worked and in the evening I went to dinner with Klara to celebrate her birthday a bit late. So nice! We went to the cutest place next to the Seine, Café-Restaurant Louis Philippe, where we shared three dishes and a bottle of red. The best way to start the weekend for sure. We ended the evening in the cinema where we watched Wonder Wheel, kind of a strange movie but kind of good. 
On Saturday I went for a late lunch with Emma to 2eme Brasserie Art where we had vegan kebab and vegan cheeseburger. I know I said it before but you gotta go to this place. We continued the afternoon with a walk in the sun and the best Starbucks coffee I've had (latte machiato with almond milk). In the evening I headed over to Jenny's new apartment for an apero with some peeps. Good night that actually ended at l'Arc but I didn't stay for long. I think I'm too old for clubs or something, I don't know haha... Not my thing anymore. On Sunday I slept in before I studied and then worked the rest of the day. 
Today it is Monday and I'm off school. Got up at an ok time anyways and went for a run, to the post office and to fix my phone screen (finally)! Then I studied at home and went to see Jenny in the afternoon when she was on a lunch break. After that I wanted to continue studying in Starbucks but I ended up staying 30 minutes since they didn't have wifi nor a bathroom. Lol such a waist actually. Now I'm back home trying to finish my to do list that never seems to end. It's gonna be good to go home to Åland and get a little break from everything. 
Tonight Brooke is coming to catch up over dinner, looking forward to seeing her.
That about that. Have a great week friends