New boots

Hi my friends! Today did not turn out as expected. All of our classes got cancelled due to the snow! So I stayed in bed until 10, had oatmeal for breakfast and talked to Nico and went to the big supermarket next to our apartment. I was just going to buy a few ingredients for tonight's dinner with Jenny (<3) but, in addition to that, I ended up coming out with a blanket, a mixer, tights, schampo, batteries etc. Well, they were all things I needed so why not! Now I can finally make my own hummus, guess who's happy?! I just mashed the chick peas with a fork before but it's not at aaaall the same thing as when you can mix them for real. After this I washed clothes, had lunch and went to my hostess agency to pick up my salary checks for December and January. I was going to go to the bank to cash them in afterwards but to my irritation the bank had closed an hour earlier than normally so I couldn't. Grrr. Oh well, another day. 
Now about what I wanted to tell you: I bought boots today!! Since my feet have been wet after walking in the snow for two days I decided to have a look at the sales today. I went to the French store Andre, among others, and fell directly for the boots above. The best part? They were 70 % off, yey! So I got them for 35 instead of 119, feels pretty good I must say. I really like overknee boots and since my old ones have gotten way too big around my legs (they literally drop to the floor when I take a step), I'm so excited that I found a new pair. Perfect with skinny jeans or skirts and dresses.