Hola weekend!

Hello Friday! Finally right? Yesterday Thursday I had a chill morning at home before an afternoon class so I spontaneously decided to go for a run. Yey me, right? The sun was out for a little while before it started to rain, better than nothing haha. Afterwards I wanted to have pancakes but was a bit in a rush/didn't succeed to fry the pancakes so I put them in a bowl with some chopped banana, kiwi and a little musli as "crumble". Very delicious anyways. After class I went to the hotel to work, finished a little bit past eleven and was home around midnight and had a late night dinner with Nico.
Today I got to sleep in (again!!) but managed to get up at 10 to do some paper work, a phone call to the bank and study! Had the oatmeal in the pic for breakfast, today with chia seeds, some goji berries, a drizzle of rice ryrup and oat milk. And coffee. Now it's time to prepare lunch before I'm going to the hotel where I will do my internship to sign the papers. Finally!! After that I teach English an hour and then I'm going to a Burberry exhibition with Klara. 
This weekend I'm having lunch with the girls before Macha moves to Australia, I work Saturday in the hotel, I'm going to the Grease musical with Jeremy on Sunday (excited!) and I'll see Audrey. Fun fun! The upcoming school week is the last "real" one because after we basically have class only on Tuesdays and Wednesdays until the end of March when we finish. Can't wait! 
Have a nice weekend everyone! Hugs