Happy Valentine's!

Hey lovers! This week is not like a normal week. We have "International week" in school which means we only have lectures etc, so no real classes. On Monday after school I worked in the hotel and today Wednesday I'm working again. Happy Valentine's by the way!! It's gonna be very busy tonight, I think basically all three restaurants in the hotel are fully booked. Yesterday after school I got some things done on my to do-list, had a meeting at the bank, washed sheets, bought food and cleaned up a little bit at home. In the evening I went to choir practice, always fun. I think I'm working late tonight and then tomorrow morning I'm going to the airport to pick Daniel up. Think he will be quite jetlagged since he's arriving from Brasil so we will see what we do the rest of the day. I will ateast cook something yummie for us. On Friday and Saturday I will try to give him the tour of Paris and on Friday evening we have a house party at home so that will be fun I think! 
Talk to you guys later, not sure how the update will be here for the next few days, so I wish you all a good weekend! Hugs!