B r e a k f a s t

I am very active when it comes to posting food on my Instagram. Follow me there @stylebytaraa for more everyday food updates. I'm thinking about starting to post more of my recipes here on the blog since it seems like it is apreciated. Anyways, let's have a look at some of my favorite breakfasts! 
A couple of years ago I would never had had oatmeal, but luckily things change and now I'm a big fan of it. I make mine out of: 1 dl oats + 2 dl liquid (normally water but sometimes half water and half oatmilk). I also usually have ome chia seeds in it! I like to top my oatmeal with goji berries (super healthy!), raisins or whatever fruit I have at home basically. Sometimes I add some oatmilk or rice syrup (vegan version of honey) on top, sometimes I don't. 
Who doesn't like avocado? Yeah, that's what I thought. I don't eat it very often (unfortunately) but when I do, I like to have it on top of crisp bread! You know what makes it even better? When you add hummus and some nutritional yeast, as in the second picture. If you don't have avocado at home I can really recommend tomato on crisp bread, it's very good (if you have hummus, add that too)!
My best healthy vegan pancake are made out of: one banana, chia seeds + oatmilk, oats if needed. Remember to let the chia seeds swell in the oatmilk for a while before, this becomes like a supplement for eggs in "normal" pancakes. And if you still fail to get the pancakes to stick together, don't worry! Just throw them in a bowl and make it a "pancake bowl" as I did in the upper right picture. Tastes exactly as good, I promise. 
Well, who doesn't love these kind of meals? Here we had soyghurt, granola, fruit and three different kinds of toasts. Yummmm. 
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