Avo toast & Grease

Hello Monday! How was your weekend? Mine was good! Brunch (Paradis du Fruit has avocado toast nowadays!) with Ellie and Macha, work in the hotel, had tea with Audrey and went to see Grease with Jeremy. Wow!! I must say that we both questioned our life choices after having watched it, and wondered why we don't do musicals. Good question. It was very very good anyways, if you're in Paris I highly recommend you to go see it (if you like musicals as much as we do). The only thing that disturbed me a liiittle bit was that even the songs were translated into French, but hey, welcome to France. Apart from that it was an amazing experience, the actors did an impressive job and the stage and the settings were beautiful. Things like this give the everyday life a silverlining for sure. 
Today it's Monday and I'm in school as always. It just started snowing a lot by the way, luckily I put on my warmest winter coat this morning. We had an exam in Excel today and it went better than I thought actually. Now we have a three hours break so that's a bit lame but as always I try to use the time wisely and get some stuff done. Such as blogging hehe. This week I have some dinners planned with friends, some errands to run and this weekend I work.