Happy New Year!

Hey friends! After a few super calm days back home I'm now in Sweden to spend New Years with Jenny and some of her friends. I git here yesterday and we had a taco dinner and played monopoly for three or four hours haha... Today we went grocery shopping and since then we've been preparing for tonight's three cours dinner. Not bad! I just wanted to wish you all a happy new year and hope that you have a good night tonight, whether you're alone, out partying with friends or having a dinner with your loved ones. Here above are some words I'm bringing with me into the new year, and so should you. Wise words I think!
Happy New Year! 

Home sweet home

Hi friends. Yesterday we travelled all day and arrived home in the evening with three large bags and two small. Packing up three years isn't easy but it's definitely doable. Although I am not sure how I would have done it without my mother and sister. Anyways, here we are now and for the moment I am happy to be home. Today we slept in, had a nice breakfast and went out for a walk in the sun. So lovely with the fresh air and the silence. Went to see my gransparents and then we came back home. Tonight we are going to a Christmas concert in the church. The amount of time I've been spending in churches lately is probably more than my whole life, haha. The upcoming days we don't have much planned which I actually appreciate for once. We will see how long it lasts. On Sunday I'm going to Jenny's to spend New Years with her and Greg. Looking forward to it!
By the way, I am currrently working on moving my blog to a new platform. Hopefully I can move my archive so I have it all at one place. Crazy that I've been blogging for more than eight years now! 


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January started off with a trip to Spain. Marbella was our destination for my sister's new adventure. We stayed for a couple of days, helping here to settle in and discover her new home together. Then I took an expensive flight back to Paris when school started again. I remember having interviews and landing an internship in a hotel, and I also started working as a hostess in another hotel - a five star "palace" where I got to wear a fancy dress, wiht my nametag transparent tights and appropriate black heels with my hair in a low bun. I worked there for more or less six months which was a good side income. 
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In February I caught up with friends, my friend Daniel from Denmark came to visit, threw a houseparty with fifty people (the perks of having a "big" apartment in Paris), and finally went home to Åland for my 22nd birthday. The reason why I went home was that I had five days of form school and found cheap flight tickets. My sister was also home at the same time so we wnjoyed a few days together, walking on the ice and hanging out with our mother. 
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March was my last month in school of my second school year which I was very excited about. I couldn't wait for my internship to start and mosty enjoyed the nice weather when I could. Jenny had her birthday brunch which was really nice. In this pic I am strolling the streets of Paris with Emma.
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April came fast and I finally started my internship! The first few days I was super nervous and freaked out but I quickly settled in and even got some compliments of how well I had adjusted and learnt. Looking back at pics of this month the weather was amazing and I spent most of my time outside with friends, living our best life, when not working. The day in this pic I remember particularly well, it was a Sunday and Jenny and I were excited about going to a new place - Monsieur Mouche which is a bar on a boat by the Seine. We met at her place in the afternoon and had some rosé before we headed there where we met Juliana and her friend. We had the best afternoon/evening, or as Jenny said "never been so happy". Bff <3
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May came and to my delight I got a few days off of work to go visit my sister again - while my mom was there. This time the weather was great and we even got to enjoy the beach! This pic is so typical of me and my sister, she in a bikini and me with some more clothes on. Well, what can I say, I guess I'm conservative (hehe). When I came back to Paris I continued my internship, enjoying it more and more and even making some good friends. I also - of course - continued ot enjoy Paris with my winderful friends. Lucky me that some of them also stayed in Paris over the summer. 
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June came with another trip! This time to Stockholm! First to visit my dad on his boat with his family and my sister and then to surprise my mom for her birthday. It was a great long weekend and I was so happy to see all my loved ones in just a few days. Spent some time by the pool on my dads boat, did touristy things in Stockholm, had a nice dinner at Supper for my moms birthday with Sarah, stayed in a cute hotel and just enjoyed summer in Stockholm. You should've seen my mom's face when we surprised her, she didn't even know that I was going to be there. Priceless! In mid-June Mathias came to visit for a week. When I didn't work we discovered the city and one evening we celebrated Midsummer with flower crowns. 
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From June I do not have many pictures but wjat I do remember is that it was the last month of my internship and I actually longed for leaving Paris. I was tired of the burning 35 degree heat in the metro every day but I still really enjoyed my days off out in the sun with friends. Had one too many "refrescos" form Starbucks and mostly walked around in light dresses. The bag in the pic was my fav bag all summer, and still is. I remember being so happy when my bought it until we finally came out of the store and my sister told me it was a flower pot. Oh. At least no one else had a similar one. The 31st of June I had my last day at the internship and was surprised by my cite colleagues with some gifts, the cutest card and a free night at the hotel. Always nice to feel appreciated even though I do not appreciate goodbye's.
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The same day as I finished my internship I went home. The next day, the first of August, when I arrived to Åland I went straight form the ferry to a staff party on a boat. How great? I wish I could come home to this every time. Reunited with my sister, friends and colleagues and had the nicest day out on the sea with good food, swimming, drinks and sun. Moments like this you realize that life is pretty great after all. The rest of the month I worked as much as I could to get some money after four months of an internship that barely had covered my rent. I really like work though, especiallt since Mathias was there too. 
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I finished August and started September in the Danish capital with my very much missed exchange studnet sisters and brothers from Mexico. I had seen all of them after our year in Mexico, though it had been some time, and four years since we were all together. Not everyone could come but at least the one's in Europe and that's not too bad! We spent a few days enjoying each other's company, strolling the cobble streets, drinking tequila and laughing just like we used to do. Some things never get old and our friendship never will. I went back home for a little while and in the middle of the month I jumped on a flight back to Paris when my third school year was about to begin. I was very happy cause everything was finally in Ehglish and we had a bunch of foreign exchange students in the class. In the end of the month I went to some fashion week parties and had fun. 
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October came and I just kept on enjoying Paris and the lovely weather. Hung out in Palais Royal with Emily and saw Jenny all the time. This pic is from the 13th of October and I was wearing slippers and a dress. Wow! We went once again to Marbella and had some family quality time and at the end of the month Hailay came to visit me from New York. We had a great week together and I'm so happy for our friendship even though we don't see each other so often. Those are the good friendships, when time can pass but when you see each other it's like time's stood still even though some things have changed. 
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In November I remember being a bit fed up with school and all our group projects. Left the cold in Paris one weekend though, with Jenny of course, and headed south to a sunny Nice. We had one of the best weekend trips ever with chill strolls by the beach, amazing food, rooftop hangout, good wine, some shopping and, not to forget, a favorite person. Thankful for her! Also met someone that I kept on hanging out with until the end of the year who brightened up these dark months.
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In December we counted the schhol days we had left together with my classmates. After a bunch of presentations and exams we were finally done. 2,5 years later! Wow, what a feeling. Hard to believe. I tried to see as many friends as possible as often as possible since I knew I was leaving soon. Jenny and I spontaneoulsy did a trip to Marbella and had a nice weekend with my sister and her friends. Then I came back and prepared for moving from Paris before my sister and mom showed up. We celebrated Christmas together before my sister headed to South Africa.
Now there are a few days left of this year and I'm almost back on Åland with my mom. We managed to pack up to apartment in Paris and now I'm moving back home after 3 years in the French capital. With so many memories, lessons thaught and friends gained I am nothing but thankful and glad I made this choice. I will remember 2018 as a joyful year with so many wonderful moments. A wonderful city, with wonderful friends and loved ones.
Now I can't wait for what 2019 has to show, after all, I am moving for Brazil for four months and that will probably be pretty exciting too!