Sunset in the suburbs

Happy Monday everyone! Because who doesn't love Mondays? If I had a really good weekend I generally don't mind Mondays at all. I'm feeling very positive today which generally generates for a positive and succesful week. 
This weekend was quite different since I worked 17 hours in two days. It was the annual fair of hair and beauty here in Paris and I was one of the hostesses. They put me and another super tall girl in the information to help people and hand out VIP badges to important and less important people and it was quite fun and interesting I must admit. In the afternoon my boss for the day asked me if I wanted to stay the whole evening since they had an award ceremony for VIP guests only so I thought why not. Was a good experience for sure and even got some good contacts! Always good. I've learned that networking is everything in most businesses, especially if you want to work internationally. On Sunday after finishing in the late afternoon my coworker and I walked around and checked out all the stands and ended up getting free spraytans, a free haircut with the newest technology of a true pro and also a glass of champagne. Who says no to that? I also bought some good products to really good prices so the weekend was definitely a good one. In the evening I went for sushi with Emma and talked about robots, we are such nerds together but I love it. 
Today I had my first "long' school day for this semester. Sociology was on the scheduele and to my surprise it was all in English. Guess who was the happiest student in class? Not only was it in a language I am completely comfortable with, it was also a very interesting class with what seems to be a good and passionate teacher. Oh yes, and he also has a little daughter that dresses up as Elsa form Frozen... The second class of the day was English and our teacher seems to be the fiúnniest teacher this year. Maybe I will finally learn some more English instead of just starring out the window. 
Apart from school this week I have to go to the agency, get some more furniture from the apartment, wrap my head around my French bank account and also start the process with getting a French social security number. And work out. Fashion week next week, gotta be in shape. Also preparing for my mom's arrival this weekend and then after her, my dear friend/manager/biggest inspiration Angelica. Lots of fun coming up in other words but gotta stay focused as well.
As always it was a pleasure talking to you guys (even though I do most of the talking). With our internet being fixed this week I can probably (and hopefully) soon start updating you on a more frequent level. 
Until next time... xx