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Hola amigos. What can I say about these past days, fashion week was a crazy rollercoaster with too much work, too much going out, too many celebrities and too many beautiful clothes. So as you might have guessed I'm not the one to complain. Angelica is here and it's so nice to do this with her when we are both so passioned about it.
I can admit that I'm a tiny bit tired now but I'm trying to catch up with some sleep with 6 hours instead of 3... Back on track in school and trying to keep up and pretend that I'm more interested than I am in some of the courses. I just want to have my degree now, that is my number one wish at the moment. 
This week I'm just gonna focus on school and on Thursday I have a hostess thing before we start the work in L'Arc with Alex and Romain again after a loong break. I'm excited and hope it will be as good as it was in the spring. This week also Mathias and Amanda is coming to visit Emma and me, will be a lot of good times with them for sure. Can't wait! Now I should do some studying before class starts... from fashion week to school in the Parisian suburbs, life do has its contrasts for sure. 
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