Lose your mind and find your soul

Hey lovers (a word I know I use the wrong way but it's too funny if you know the story behind..)! How are you everyone? I'm aaaall good. Having spent the last couple of days with Mathias, Amanda and Emma I'm not the one to complain and also most of the time in L'Arc. The best of my two worlds basically. Worked Tursday for the House of Dolls, so much fun. In this pic you see my new shoes by the way which I looove to death. They are even quite comfortable. I would estimate I'm around 2 meters while wearing them but who even cares anyways. That about that. Also saw Ellie on Saturday night, so good to catch up and so proud of this girl who got a job in L'Óreal! Hello, every girl's dream?
A new week is here and I'm so ready for a more calm one this time where I have some time for school. It's been some drama the last couple of days though, but I think it's all good now, I don't know why I always attract these things when I feel like I'm a pretty laid-back person? Or maybe I'm not. Oh wellll. 
Today I had school from 9 to 5:30. Subjects I enjoy though so then I don't mind at all. Also finally did my insciption for the school year and paid the fee, cash is flowing out I'm telling you.. Hopefully will get some in soon as well. Having three jobs is usually the base of a solid income but the kind of jobs I'm having at the moment is not the most stable. Tonight Nico and I went for a workout (explanation point). He did jumping rope and I did my things next to. Some squats, lunges, sumo squats with jump, running up and down a bench, triceps and pushups. All on time with times rest in between, so smart I must say. Had a gooood dinner afterwards but lost the bet with the guys about the dishes so I had to do that.
Now I'm gonna watch some Netflix and chill before a long night of sleeeep. Excited about that and I don't say this very often. Enough talking. Thanks for reading if you did xx