Hey there supportive followers. Since last time I've been focusing on school and worked in L'Arc. On Friday I had a really good chill day before I went out with Brooke and my friends Tazmin and Hanna from home in the evening and before we went to Abes and had crepes. Crepes is definitely life I wish I could eat it more often. Had so much fun with the girls!
On Saturday I met Emma in the 18th for vegan brunch at La Recyclerie which I highly recommend. Later I met Tazmin and Hanna for coffee in Starbucks at the Opéra and some shopping. Then it was almost evening and this warrior was tired so I headed home and layd down in bed for 1,5 hour on the phone with mami. So good to talk. Realised it was late and jumped in the shower before I went to Abes where we met Jenny and her boyfriend Greg and took to mini to Abes friends and had pizza. Aaaand as every weekend we ended up in L'Arc later although quite a calm night.
On Sunday Emma and I headed to Ikea for some shopping. Ended up spending more money than I was meant to... Anyways things I needed so whatever. The home is becoming cozier and cozier and I love it. Afterwards we had sushi to finish the weekend and then I went home to study with roomies and saw a friend.
Monday morning started off not so well but only got better throughout the day. I really like our Monday classes. And then I studied in the evening, for 2 hours maybe? Can't remember when I did that the last time lol. 
Today it's Tuesday and I had the longest day in school. From 9 in the morning to 8 in the evening. Now I'm home and just had a noodle salad in bed and gonna watch some series. 
By the way there's an article out writtenmy my dear friend Millija, find it here: