Good morning everyone. Today I had a difficult morning. I finally got out of bed 20 minutes before I had to rush to school so it can only get better from now. I have school all day and then I'm going home to chill before I work in L'Arc tonight. I like to work on Thursdays but I always finish at 3 in the morning which means I'm home around 4. And then I sleep 'til noon on Friday. Anyways. This week has been calm, I'll just been studying and yesterday I finally went to refill my lashes yey. Was too long ago. 
The plans for the weekend are not very clear yet. On Friday I'm seeing Jenny and then I have a job interview for a part-time job (fingers crossed). On Sunday going to a #MeToo demonstration at République with Brooke, looking forward to it. Between that I have to study since we have two projects due next week and also a group presentation. 
Have a great weekend everyone, laters x