The past week

Hey guys! Sorry for the absence but last week was quite busy so I'm going to tell you about it now. I only had school Monday to Wednesday which was very nice but still some stuff to get done.
On Thursday I organized my free time well: started with a run, met Hailey (who I hadn't seen in a year cause she's been home in the U.S!! Crazy!), had coffee and walked around in the Luxemburg garden with her, went to my hostess agency to pick up my checks and finally went to my bank to cash them. Wow! The last part was a big deal for me cause I have never had a check in my name so that was an interesting experience lol. In the evening I rushed home and prepared my part for the Thanksgiving dinner that Emily had at her place and went there. So nice! This was the second time I celebrate Thanksgiving with americans (last year I did it in Seville with Rachel and her friends) and it was great. 
Later in the evening I went with Emma to the club for work and next day on Friday I had four hours of english lessons with my "students". Tutoring is so much fun! Friday night I spent with Jenny and Greg, first at their place and then in Cartel and Titty Twister. Always a good time with them.
On Saturday I didn't do much except for teaching english two hours. Talked to Sarah on the phone for two hours straight and had a really good dinner at home with the guys. 
Sunday was a day of cleeeaning the apartment. I actually enjoy cleaning once I've gotten started haha, then I almost turn into a maniac and can't finish until it's perfect. It's just this little detail about actually getting started... In the evening I headed to the Swedish church for choir practice and then Emma and I went for dinner to the most delicious Vietnamese vegan restaurant. Wow! It was so cheap and SO much delicious food, definitely going back there. And in the night we worked in the club again. 
Basically a resume of the past week, might not be very interesting but I partly do it for myself so I can look back and remember what I did. Yes, my memory SUCKS, haha. That's why I'm quite good at documenting everything that's going on in my life, otherwise I wouldn't have a clue later on. 
Have a good week everyone! Mine is filled with school, a choir performance (yesterday - Saint Lucia), dinner with Jenny tomorrow, dinner with Hailey on Thursday and then work this weekend and church performance on Sunday. Yep yep yep, talk to you sooner than later xx