Food and some more food

Hello Monday! That weekend passed by too fast although I had a very good one. On Saturday morning I studied a little bit before surprising myself by going for a 7k run. Not bad at all for me! Also did some squats and lunges which was good for a change and very needed. I found a new park not far from us so that's cool too. In the afternoon I chilled at home before finally heading out in the cold rain to meet Emma for some shopping and dinner. I'll show you what I bought later today. Then we went for dinner in Le Marais, a vegan restaurant named Hope. I had a veggie burger and Emma risotto. YUMMIE! Wow we were very impressed I can say. One of the best veggie burgers I've ever had. In the evening we went back to my place and then I went to Abes place with Jenny and Greg and some other people. We spent the night in L'Arc, Titty Twister and finally Raspoutine. Talk about club-hopping. Fun fun though but quite calm since it was the last weekend of school vacation here.
Sunday, yesterday, was not the most productive day but I chilled with Emma in the newly discovered park, had tea and then headed back to my place for dinner. We made the best vegan tacos ever and I'm so happy cause there's still some leftovers that will serve as my lunch today yessss. Today I only have one late class in the afternoon so I slept in, watched Suits and studied a bit. So good. In an hour I'll head to school for an English presentation about a Finnish company so I'm excited about that. Tonight I have to study a bit and then I might do something fun or just chill at home with the guys.
The rest of the week is quite chill, have some stuff in school to do but it's ok. I'm in a good study flow at the moment and I'm so happy about that. Oh yeah, one thing, Emma and I have decided to join the Swedish Lucia choire. SO much fun, I hope! 
Have a good start to the week everyone! xx