Finally Friday!

Tara Bambergs foto.
Tara Bambergs foto.
Jenny's photos, thxxx
Hello people! Yesterday I had the best Friday in a while. Woke up at 9 but stayed in bed until 10, had breakfast while studying and then I talked with Sarah before going out for a run. Went to the same park as always close to us. So good to start the day off in a productive way. Then we had lunch with Nico and Jeremy. In the afternoon I saw my Danish cutie Asta, went for a little walk from Place de Vosges to Rue Rivoli were we had coffee. Afterwards I went to Île Saint Louis and had tea with Jenny in Café Saint-Régis and talked about pants for an hour I think. Then we were both in such a shopping mood so we headed to Zara were I actually bought a new pair of pants that you can find on my instastory. 
In the evening I had dinner with the boys that Nico made (thanks <3) and then I went to the cinema with Emma and saw Detroit. Very good one, I strongly recommend it. Today I slept in, woke up by a phone call about work so now it's definit that I am going to teach English. Feels good. Now I should go out for a run and then today's plans are quite chill. In the evening it's dinner with Emma on the scheduele and then out with Jenny, not sure where though. 
Have a good weekend everyone!