A sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare

Hello baes! Here's two snapshots from Tuesday's Halloween party. I went with these lovely ladies above dressed up in something supposed to be "Fifty Shades". A silvergrey dress, a mask, a lace choker, white contacts and dark red glitter lipstick. Yesterday Wednesday I hung ut with Emma all day, being vegans and just strolling around in the 3rd arrondisement. My favorite neighborhood maybe, so cozy. Today was back to school before a long weekend as always. Tomorrow I have another job interview that I think will be the last one in a while. I already got an English tutor job so that's at least something. Then I have to study tomorrow, we have so many projects and presentaions at the moment. 
By the way I booked my flight home for Christmas the other day. I can't wait! I've been quite homesick lately, not because I'm not comfortable here in Paris but just... simply missing home. Family, childhood friends, our pets, the nature, the cute little city that's home, long walks in the forest with my mom and our dogs, seeing my sister everyday and so on. Just the small things that makesup an everyday life, those things that you learn to appreciate when you're not around it every day. 
After school today I studied a bit and worked on my CV that I'm sending while looking for internships. My problem is that I have to many fields of interest. Everything from fashion, PR, events and the nightclub scene to the hotel business and now the latest one, helath, animal rights, veganisk and the environment. Ugh. Stay tuned about that. I think I have to write a post on my thoughts on veganism one of these days by the way, prepare for that lol. I think people in my class are a bit afraid of me because of my strong feelings on this subject. 
Until the next time lovers! xx