Winter has come to Paris

Hey friends. So my short school week has come to an end and winter has arrived to Paris. This morning while sitting in class, the teacher suddenly announced that it was snowing and everyone woke up from their comas and starred out the window for about five minutes. Personally I couldn't believe my eyes either, I mean, it's been cold lately, but snow in Paris in the end of November doesn't seem too normal for me. After midday when leaving school (since we only had one class this morning) I was then positively surprised by the bright sunshine. I'm not kidding when I say that it was almost too bright for me while walking home from the tram. This is definitely a response to the grey weather lately.
Anyways. I guess you're not here for a weather forecast so I am going to move on. Today I am just going to study here at home and get some things done. I basically only have two "real" weeks left in school which means... four exams and two big projects to turn in.
I'm not really the one to complain, though, the worst part is already done for me. I'm just praying that I will pass this semester cause even though I've been working harder (way harder) this year than last (I did NOTHING), there are one or two subjects where my score will ruin my overall score for the rest of the subjects so.... Fingers crossed and otherwise I hope there's some way I can fix it. Actually now, when thinking of school in general, I feel so.. thankful. And optimistic.
A year and a half has passed which means I have a year and a half to go. One semester of this remaining year and a half will go to Erasmus exchange, guess who's excited? Wow! My dream is definitely to go to a German speaking country, that would be ideal for me since my dream is to learn German. So hopefully it will be Germany, Austria or Switzerland! This spring semester we only have class for three months before we do our internships, another factor that makes the time in school even shorter. I feel like I can do this, I must do this. The only thing bothering me now (except for my grades) is finding an internship. There's too many things I wanna do... Ugh. Well let's not get into that now. 
Tonight I'm meeting Hailey for dinner, then heading to Emma's before some work in the club. Tomorrow I have four hours of English with my students and in the night I'm not really sure whats up. Saturday I know I have to study cause then Sunday will be spent in church and working as hostess for an event.
Talk to you soon and have a great weekend, hope we will get some more sunshine!

The past week

Hey guys! Sorry for the absence but last week was quite busy so I'm going to tell you about it now. I only had school Monday to Wednesday which was very nice but still some stuff to get done.
On Thursday I organized my free time well: started with a run, met Hailey (who I hadn't seen in a year cause she's been home in the U.S!! Crazy!), had coffee and walked around in the Luxemburg garden with her, went to my hostess agency to pick up my checks and finally went to my bank to cash them. Wow! The last part was a big deal for me cause I have never had a check in my name so that was an interesting experience lol. In the evening I rushed home and prepared my part for the Thanksgiving dinner that Emily had at her place and went there. So nice! This was the second time I celebrate Thanksgiving with americans (last year I did it in Seville with Rachel and her friends) and it was great. 
Later in the evening I went with Emma to the club for work and next day on Friday I had four hours of english lessons with my "students". Tutoring is so much fun! Friday night I spent with Jenny and Greg, first at their place and then in Cartel and Titty Twister. Always a good time with them.
On Saturday I didn't do much except for teaching english two hours. Talked to Sarah on the phone for two hours straight and had a really good dinner at home with the guys. 
Sunday was a day of cleeeaning the apartment. I actually enjoy cleaning once I've gotten started haha, then I almost turn into a maniac and can't finish until it's perfect. It's just this little detail about actually getting started... In the evening I headed to the Swedish church for choir practice and then Emma and I went for dinner to the most delicious Vietnamese vegan restaurant. Wow! It was so cheap and SO much delicious food, definitely going back there. And in the night we worked in the club again. 
Basically a resume of the past week, might not be very interesting but I partly do it for myself so I can look back and remember what I did. Yes, my memory SUCKS, haha. That's why I'm quite good at documenting everything that's going on in my life, otherwise I wouldn't have a clue later on. 
Have a good week everyone! Mine is filled with school, a choir performance (yesterday - Saint Lucia), dinner with Jenny tomorrow, dinner with Hailey on Thursday and then work this weekend and church performance on Sunday. Yep yep yep, talk to you sooner than later xx

Monday list

What are you looking forward to this week?

I am looking forward to tomorrow morning already (Tuesday) when I will have a long morning for myself. The plans are to get up at a reasonable time, have breakfast while studying and then go for a run before my two afternoon classes. Apart from that I am looking forward to Wednesday evening when Emma will come here and cook again, and then Thursday when we are off school (yey). In the evening I will go to Emily's to celebrate Thanksgiving with her and her American friends. So much fun! I am also looking forward to Friday when I'm trying a new club with Jenny. Too long ago since I saw her.

Which is the latest blog you have started reading?

Honestly I am not the biggest blog reader. I have a few that I have been following for as long as I can remember which are: Blondinbella, Kenza, Andrea Hedenstedt and Fitspooration. These four are my favorites. Apart from them I follow Sofis Foodstories, Sandra Beijer, my sister, Janni Deler, Victoria Tornegren and Alexandra Bring. 

Are you cooking any good food this week?

Maybe not I am, but on Wednesday Emma is going to prepare chantarelle toast for us mmmmhmmmm. And on Thursday when it's Thanksgiving I'm gonna bring something yummy vegan. These past three weekds I have realised that my body is very sensitive to "bad" foods since I almost never eat them. Candy is an example. Today I had some and felt sick for a couple of hours afterwards, like my stomach was not in balance. Same with cookies and chocolate. 

Mention something you reallly want to do this week that you will put time aside to do.

I am getting into a really good workout flow. Since I've been back in Paris for almost three months I have worked out a little bit, but more because I feel like I have had to than for enjoying it. Now, however, I actually get this good feeling that people talk about that they get when/after they have worked out and it is so rewarding. It has also  come to my mind that I am very (and then I mean VERY) stiff so stretching is essential for me and I am starting to really enjoy it. 

What word do you want to set the spirit for this week?

Hmmm. Tough one. Since I am a fan of words there are several ones I could include here. I would actually, to gather them all in one, say mindfulness. I want to feel good and happy and in peace with myself as I have been doing the past few days. No stress about long to do lists, I just take my time and do everything that has to be done and then I can enjoy my free time. 

What did you do last night?

Last night... Oh yes, I had dinner with Emma and Jeremy, the most delicious tomato/kidney bean/pasta/gnocci with roasted cashews and pistahios and other goodies. I am usually not the biggest fan of pasta but with this sauce it was amazing. Thanks Emma! Afterwards we worked until 4 in the morning in a club, gotta pay rent! 

A pic that symbolizes this day:

Okay so here I should put a not very flattering photo of my tired self today that slept four hours tonight. I even slept two hours after school (who am I?), buuuuut I don't have that (a shame) so here is instead a much more beautiful one of my simple dinner tonight. Spinach, sweet potatoes in small cubes, roasted chick peas and some corn with a crisp bread with tomato. Yes, I love this kind of food if you haven't noticed. Enjoyed this in front of a movie with Jeremy.

What did you have for breakfast today?

Last year I was so bad at breakfast. I stayed in bed every morning until 15 minutes before I had to be out the door. Now I have new routines that I enjoy way more, which includes eating breakfast. I usually go for a bowl of musli or my favorite at the moment; crisp bread with tomato slices and salt and peppar. My stomach can barely stand coffee anymore so I usually drink tea or a glass of orange juice. This morning, though, I was in such a rush since I barely slept tonight after the club so I just had an apple on the tramway on my way to school. 

What time in the morning do you wake up?

As I mentioned recently, I am NOT a morning person. I wish I was, but I am not. I have late night habits which contribute to my moody morning mode, you could say. I usually get up about one hour before I have to leave to school which can be everything between 7 and 9. In the weekends it depends, but when I don't go out I try to get up around ten. I am really against wasting half of the day in bed so I always try to drag my lazy ass out of bed even if I'm a bit tired. 

How do you usually look every day?

In the week I normally don't put any make up. Recently I've worn my black "suit" pants quite a lot since I think they are chicer than normal skinny black jeans. I also like to wear simple dresses and skirts, it can really brighten up a grey day in my opinion. The jewelry is my Tara necklace since more than 5 (?) years and hoops (not too big though, don't wanna look like P. Diddy's girlfriend <- that one only Emma will understand sorry about that). When I go to school I am really lazy with my looks so my hair is usually just hanging freely if it's clean or in a pony tail if it's not super fresh or if it annoys me.